Wardrobe Capsules

A capsule wardrobe is a group of clothes comprising of 12 garments that mix and match that can be bought together to save time and money and can form an astounding 80 outfits! Season, color, style and fabric should be considered when grouping clothes together in a capsule. Bought twice a year it will form the basis of an on-going wardrobe of clothes that will take you anywhere at any time and you will end the nightmare of clothes that were purchased at huge cost and worn once. For optimum results, capsules should be built around one or two ‘anchor’ jackets that can be worn with various pieces in your wardrobe to form suits and other outfits. Versatility is the key to creating a successful capsule.

Once established, a capsule can be expanded and pieces added or replaced very easily. When considering a new addition to your wardrobe, make sure that the piece matches at least three to four other existing garments. This will reduce the "cost per wearing" of each piece in your wardrobe.

How a Wardrobe Capsule can reduce the cost of a garment

Real Value = cost ÷ times worn

"Cost Per Wearing" Formula

Let's use a $200 jacket in our example: